Equipment price list

To ensure that your insurance is valid, only WTF approved equipment should be purchased for use in clubs and tournaments. All equipment supplied by BTS is WTF approved.

To show your support for BTS please purchase all equipment from your BTS club instructor, rather than any other source. This will save you postage and packing.

Uniform and Equipment Price List

(All prices include VAT and P&P)



"ADI KEE", the tkd training shoe from Adidas

£37.50 (RRP is £57.99), no hidden extra when ordered through BTS (vat and P&P are included)

All sizes available to order (£30 deposit required, delivery 2-3 days).



BTS team uniform (white collar)

All sizes                          £29.50

Black collar BTS uniform

All sizes                          £37.00


BTS T-shirt: High quality "Fruit of the Loom" printed front and back

All sizes                          £15.00


BTS team hoodies

All sizes                         £29.50


Trunk protector

XS/S or ½                      £26.50

M/L or 3/4                      £26.50


Kick target

Double                    £21.50


Groin guard (male and female)

S/M/L                            £13.50


Forearm guards

S/M/L                            £15.00



Shin guards

S/M/L                            £21.00



All sizes                          £3.50



Kup                              £5.00

Black                             £15.00


Head guards

Red/White/Blue               £21.50


WTF hand protectors

S/M/L                            £21.00


WTF foot protectors

S/M/L                            £22.00



WTF bag (BTS logo)        £37.50


BTCB badges                     £3.50



DVD Box set(HD)

Everything you need to know to pass all your grades from beginner to black

belt and much more (All proceeds from DVD sales go towards the team fund).                    



If anyone would like their name or sponsor details embroidered onto their uniforms speak to Donna Paynter. Prices from £15.00.