Below is a list of tournaments (and International training camps) that BTS plans to attend in 2018.  Note that this list will be updated as dates become available.  Individual players will be selected by Joe and Steve to attend events deemed suitable for them.


Belgian Open, Belgium - 15-17 March 2019

Wales International Championships, Cardiff - 5 May 2019

Luxembourg Open,  - 14-16 June 2019

Scorpion Open, Barnsley - 21 July 2019

NTC Open, Nottingham - 12/13 October 2019

International Ans Trophy, Belgium - 27 October 2019

British National Championships, Manchester - 9/10 November 2019

Park Cup, Germany - 7/8 December 2019 



G Class tournaments (highlighted above in bold) are open to cadets, juniors and seniors (2nd Kup and above) and are subject to selection by your coach. A GAL is required for all G-class tournaments.