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Kids Taekwondo Classes

Join our kids taekwondo classes today and discover the power of focus, discipline, and self-confidence with British Taekwondo Schools.

Our carefully crafted program is designed to nurture young minds and bodies, instilling the core values of respect and perseverance while having lots of FUN!

Unlock your full potential with taekwondo

Adult & Family Classes

Unleash your inner strength with our dynamic Adult & Family Taekwondo classes. Whether you're an adult seeking to enhance your fitness and self-defence skills or a family looking for a shared activity, our classes offer the perfect balance of challenge and camaraderie. 

Experience the thrill of mastering this Korean martial art and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, unity, and empowerment. 


Become a true champion with BTS!

Elite Olympic Taekwondo Sessions

Designed for aspiring athletes with a passion for competition, this exclusive program offers a unique opportunity to train under the guidance of seasoned coaches with a proven track record of success. 

Our passion for excellence and cutting-edge training methodologies will push you to reach new heights. Gain access to specialised coaching, tailored workouts, and the chance to compete at national and international levels.

Learn from Team BTS and our

World Class Coaches

Master Joe Brown
Master Joe BrownBTS Principal
Steve Johnson
Steve JohnsonBTS Principal Team Coach
07772 476 329
Craig Roppolo
Craig RoppoloBTS Head Team Coach

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