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BTS Principal Team Coach

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson is the esteemed Principal Team Coach of British Taekwondo Schools (BTS). With an illustrious career spanning over two decades, Steve is a role model and mentor to his students. Under his guidance, BTS teams have achieved remarkable success, dominating competitions and earning accolades for their exceptional performances.

As BTS Principal Team Coach, Steve brings a wealth of experience and a commitment to excellence to the table. He has won numerous championships at national and international levels as well as coached at top class tournaments around the world, including Serbia, Croatia, United States, Morocco, Spain, Germany, Turkey, Austria and many more. 

His expertise extends beyond the mat, as he is also a certified instructor and 3rd Dan Black Belt, dedicated to nurturing the next generation of Taekwondo athletes.

Steve runs all BTS Southampton sessions and has a unique ability to inspire and push his students to reach their full potential. He is also available for private tuition sessions.

BTS Principal

Joe Brown

6th Dan Master Joe Brown is a true icon in the realm of Taekwondo and an ex-British serviceman for HM forces. Joe's dedication and passion for Taekwondo have left an indelible mark on the martial arts community.

Aside from his prowess in Taekwondo, Joe's professional journey has been equally remarkable. He boasts an extensive career as a bodyguard for VIPs, safeguarding notable personalities, such as Hollywood Martial Arts Superstar Cynthia Rothrock.

In 1981, Joe founded British Taekwondo South, which later evolved into British Taekwondo Schools. Throughout his coaching tenure, Joe has guided numerous athletes to victory, contributing to a list of impressive medalists at the National, European, World, and Olympic levels.

With an unparalleled wealth of experience and a legacy that continues to inspire, Master Joe Brown remains an invaluable asset to British Taekwondo Schools and the entire Taekwondo community.


BTS Coaches

Craig Roppolo
Craig RoppoloBTS Head Team Coach
Jeamy Navarro-Schrank
Jeamy Navarro-SchrankBTS Southampton Coach
Adam Harris
Adam HarrisBTS Damerham Coach