BTS clubs are currently based in Southampton, Cardiff, Stoke on Trent, and Elgin.

Hampshire approved Provider for PE and School Sport


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BTS is now a designated “GB TALENT CLUB”

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British Taekwondo National Championships 2018 Sheffield

National Champions 2017!

National Champions 2016!


6th Dan Master Joe Brown is an ex-British serviceman for HM forces. He began training in Taekwondo in 1973 whilst serving with British Land Forces in Gun Club Barracks, Kowloon, Hong Kong where he earned his Black Belt. Upon returning to the UK in 1975 Joe began training with 6th Dan Master Vincent Chung and Chung Do Kwan in London. He found a club in Southampton where he worked (Southern Martial Art Centre, Chung Do Kwan under Instructor To Men Ken). Joe lived in New Milton and so opened his first club in his hometown under Chung Do Kwan. Master Joe Brown originally formed Independent Taekwondo, 'New Milton Club' as part of the National Governing Body (BTCB) in February 1981. At this time Joe Brown was also an Executive Committee member of the BTCB. On 22 March 1982 he left the BTCB, resigning as a committee member and membership to BTCB to train under British Taekwondo Federation (BTF) as in Joe's opinion this was better structured and less poitically motivated at the time. The BTF and BTCB later merged in approximately 1994. After the BTF merged with the UK National Governing Body, (British Taekwondo Control Board, BTCB) Joe formed British Taekwondo South. The BTCB have been trading as British Taekwondo since July 2012. Joe coached Junior / Senior European and World Championships from 1995 for BTCB and UK Sport Taekwondo. Joe was the BTF National Team Coach 1985-1994, BTCB Principal National Team Coach from 1994-2002, Regional Centre of Excellence National Team Coach 2002-2006 and the BTCB Combined Services Military Team Coach Great Britain 2005-2008.

British Taekwondo South, established in 1981 is well known to all as BTS and has been producing champions ever since. In 2017 British Taekwondo South changed its name to British Taekwondo Schools and continues to be known as BTS.


British Taekwondo Schools (BTS) MISSION STATEMENT

BTS will provide a professional service to all its members as the preferred organisation in the South of England by providing a high-quality service and producing positive outcomes for all members.

This is delivered through the following five components in our statement of purpose:

  1. BTS’s strong but democratic leadership style is supported by relevant experience, skill based qualifications of the highest standard in Tae Kwon Do (Martial Art & Sport), management and administration, individual and group work, counselling, goal planning and childcare.
  2. BTS’s recognition that to deliver, we must separate the Martial Art from the Sport. We have two main aims that are both very clear and therefore BTS has designed its training structure accordingly into:
    1. Sport squad training for different age groups
    2. Traditional Tae Kwon Do training sessions

This ensures current and prospective members a choice in which pathway to take. We believe we have the right staff in place to deliver a Viable Practical Economic (VPE) service through the use of democratically, up to date tried and tested methodology in both these areas of Tae Kwon Do without discrimination or prejudice.

TKD Sport: The aim of the club is to provide a pathway for all athletes to achieve their personal goals and dreams and aspire to be representatives of Great Britain.

TKD Martial Art: The aim of the club is to provide a realistic and practical form of self-defence.

  1. BTS’s belief that parents, carers and relatives are involved where children are students of Tae Kwon Do and we have deliberately fostered an open posture where appropriate to facilitate this within the boundaries of childcare protection and law.
  2. BTS’s recognition that we work with both groups and individuals (we offer private tuition through our Head Team Coach) BTS consciously promotes using positive reinforcement and enjoyment as a platform to develop both the group and individuals within its structure. This alone can bring inspiration and innovation to individuals.
  3. BTS’s belief that we must maintain a positive connection with the National Team’s up to date training methodology through student and coaches’ attendance at the National Team Academy in Manchester.

To conclude, we have not included wither individual or group objectives and methodology of training in this statement of purpose as we believe these two elements must remain flexible and will change from time to time. However, we understand individuals may well like to know more about these areas and therefore would suggest people may come along (by arrangement) and observe our training and ask any questions at that time.

Joe Brown (BTS founder, Chief Instructor/principal Team Coach, Level 2 National Coaching qualification.



BTS has an unrivalled record of developing athletes and coaches for Team GB since 1981:

 -The only club in Great Britain to have 2 students selected for training full time at the National Academy in the same year (2013 and again in 2014)

-  Currently there are 4 athletes and 1 coach in the National Academy that have come through BTS (By far the most of any other club in the country)

- The only club in Great Britain to have 7 advanced national champions in 2016.  9 current British National Champions train with the club as well as 2 Commonwealth Champions.

- 3 BTS players represented GB at the European Championships (cadets and juniors) in 2013.

- The only club in Great Britain to win a team trophy in more than one category at a European A-Class event (Serbian Open 2013: 4th place juniors, 4th place cadets, 2nd place overall day 1)    


If you would like to join BTS call Joe Brown on 07774 104412


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BTS endorses and adheres to the British Taekwondo Safeguarding Policy, a copy of which can be found on the British Taekwondo website by clicking here.

BTS supports and adheres to the UK national anti doping policy.  More information can be found on the UKAD website by clicking here.